Ripley’s believe it or not! London

Ripley’s believe it or not is in Piccadilly Circus in central London, so there are loads of places to eat, and loads of other places to visit for a full day out in London. Regent street and Oxford Street are just a short walk away as well if you fancy some shopping!
We were lucky enough to get our tickets half price on Groupon so do make sure you keep an eye out on Groupon and Wowcher as it does seem to be a recurring offer, especially around the school holidays. The official website prices are £27.99 for adults and £20.99 for children over the age of 4 but you can save a small percentage if you book online in advance. The website also has some meal packages, London attraction and evening packages if you wanted to buy tickets to somewhere else at the same time.
Ripley’s had always been one of those places we always walked past and were never really bothered about going into, so without the Groupon offer I don’t think we ever would have gone. As it happens, we all really liked it and would highly recommend it for curious kids or adults who like museums of the weird and wonderful. As we had never been to one before, we had literally no idea what to expect and there are hundreds of different things in the building, you will “woah” out loud at. There are far too many things to tell you about, so I will just show you some of our favourites, but if you’re ever in the area and have older kids (although Perrie loved it at 3), pop in for a couple of hours and prepare to be amazed!
Michael Jackson made purely of sweets

Diana Ross made of car number plates
We tied our trip to Ripley’s in with an afternoon in Leicester Square, checking out the m&m shop (again, doesn’t take long but you could easily kill 30-45 minutes in there, and also the Nickelodeon shop which was actually really disappointing. If you are planning dinner in Leicester Square, all the restaurants get booked up extremely quickly so either try and reserve a table in advance or aim for lower peak times rather than standard Lunch and Dinner rushes. We ended up going to Pizza Hut as our favourite restaurant had no space whatsoever available. Right behind Leicester Square, you can go to Chinatown which is obviously full of various Chinese restaurants and take aways; or if you head back towards Charing Cross, by Trocadero, there are loads of Steakhouses and fast food restaurants too.

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