Shrek’s Adventure, London

Shrek’s Adventure is on South Bank in London, right by the London eye and London Dungeons (so there is lots to do in the area should you want to make a full day of it). Before you buy tickets, shop around as there are always deals on for any merlin attraction. For example, you get money off if you go to any other attractions using the London attraction tickets on the same day, 2 for 1 tickets if you travel by train, money off if you book online a certain number of days in advance and also if there are a large number of you.


We booked online in advance and saved 30% off the entry price, which gave us more money to then buy the souvenir book for Perrie for her birthday which includes all of the photos you have taken while inside the attraction. We paid £19 per adult and £15.30 a child (from the age of 3 upwards), but please be aware that on the door, on the day you will pay £27.50 for an adult and £22 for a child so there is a massive difference. You can also buy more expensive tickets which then include light up shrek ears and a souvenir book but we decided just to pay for our book separately. With the more expensive option you can also book your time slot online whereas with the standard option, you have to go there and book your time to come back again later but this was no trouble at all and we managed to book 30 minutes before going in. Although the website says the attraction is only suitable for children over the age of 6, we went for our daughter’s third birthday and it was actually our six year old that didn’t like parts of it and freaked out so I think it just depends on children as individuals.


The attraction is set out like a story in which you have to get away from the witches who are trying to get Shrek and Donkey. As you get ushered from room to room by characters, you have to carry out tasks and have photos taken. This can be quite scary in parts but you soon get used to it and it’s actually really funny (if not a little weird). After you’ve saved shrek and met him, you can go on to see the Madagascar and Kung pu Panda section which are great photo opportunities.


The only downside to Shrek’s Adventure is the fact it only lasts an hour and a half and because the time slots are only 30 minutes apart, you are really hurried from one room to the next so you cant even go slower if you wanted to. If we had paid full price, I don’t think it would have been quite worth the money but it was more than worth the money we paid. The souvenir book was between £25 and £30 but that does include all the photos you have taken while you’re there, a framed picture and a magnet and keyring with your photos in. We also paid £15 for a shrek baby cuddly toy for Perrie for her birthday which is quite expensive but is lovely quality.


I don’t think we’d necessarily go back again as once you’ve done it, you’ve done it but I would recommend it to anyone with kids who like Shrek. I don’t think it will be there long so I’d make the most of the offers they have on while it is still there.

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