Kearsney Abbey/Temple Ewell

Kearsney Abbey is our favourite park, without a doubt. It’s easy to drive to, and also has a train station 5 minutes down the road at Kearsney if you wanted to make the trip too. There are three car parks but they are very limited and can be a massive pain to get in and out of so if you cant get parked, further down the road opposite the park is a housing estate where you can park at the side of the road and walk straight into the park. We’ve been to this park at least 100 times in the last 6 and a half years, so there must be something about it worth going back for! It is literally beautiful in all seasons and is a great place to get some lovely photos of the kids. In the Summer the kids can play in the streams with their fishing nets and catch little fish, have picnics and play in the play park and in the Autumn and Winter, it is a great place to kick leaves, find conkers and play in the snow if there is any. It’s the one place I think I’d happily just pick up and move closer to home if I had the chance to, exactly how it is now.
We even held my son’s 3rd birthday party in the park and invited all our friends and family for a picnic (August birthday so weather was perfect for it!), we all took our favourite outdoor games with us like football, swing ball, equipment to play rounders and cricket and we had the best time ever! It was probably one of our favourite days out as there were over 40 of us and it’s perfect for family time in the sun. There is so much space, and so many things for the kids to do, I highly recommend it for fun in the sun.
One side of the main road, is Kearsney Abbey itself where there is a play park, tea rooms (reasonably priced, amazing for fishing nets and ice creams/lollies) and plenty of places for kids to explore. On the other side of the road is Temple Ewell, the best place to go pond dipping with your nets, tennis courts, a massive lake to walk around and another play park.

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