Summer time! 

Over the last month, we have visited many different beaches so we can review them for you and make recommendations for the Summer. As we continue to visit them, I’ll be updating the post from now until September. 

Hythe Beach 

Personally, Hythe is our favourite local place to go to when the weather is nice. Not only is it the place we had our first date back in 2010, but we’ve spent some amazing days there with close family and friends over the years and it never fails to give us a good trip out 

The beach itself has just had all the stones renewed, and therefore is a tad chalky to sit on at the moment, but it does mean you can sit closer to the sea without having to worry about getting wet if you don’t want to! 

We usually park by the football pitch in the road behind the beach and walk through the alley where the toilets are. That way we are right by the cafe and toilets before getting in the car on the way home and we don’t have to worry about finding parking right down the front when it’s busy. The road behind is also free and unlimited parking, unlike the hythe imperial car park. It’s also only a short walk to the sandpit (Hythe imperial) which means you can get the best of both worlds and visit a sandy and stoney beach at the same time. 

Hythe is also one of the best beaches for rollerblading, cycling and those with wheelchairs as there is a lovely, wide promenade with a really smooth surface which has become our kids’ favourite place to rollerblade/skate.

During the warmer months, the food choices are amazing in this area. We get THE best pancakes ever from the Italian Pancake man at £2.00 a pancake and he does so many different options. The kids love them so much that they choose these over the ice cream man every time! Raspberry and chocolate are our personal favourites but there’s something to suit everyone. He also sells cans and bottles of drink too. 

There is also a pop up coffee shop which is really popular and sets up next to the ice cream man and pancake man so make sure you take some cash for these places as they are definitely worth a visit. 

Hythe town: 

Hythe town is really underrated! We love it! There are so many quirky little shops, cafes and charity shops to have a nose through. There are car parks really close to the shops so you don’t have to walk far and these are all pay by phone enabled incase you have no cash. 

Our favourite shop in Hythe is J.C.Rooks and sons as they sell amazing sausage rolls, pies, pasties and baguettes for such low cost. It’s always been a family favourite for us, and Ashford seems to be the only place that doesn’t have one! Our kids love their cherry and Nutella turnovers, so if you want to treat your kids… this might be one to try! 

Hythe Canal: 

Hythe Canal is beautiful and you can hire boats to take a scenic trip down the canal when the weather is nice. I think we paid £15 on a time limit but it was well worth the money for the fun we had. We all really enjoyed it (once we got the hang of rowing) and is definitely something we would do again. The kids are given life jackets and it’s not as stressful as it sounds… honest! The kids are usually so busy looking at things that they don’t rock the boat like you’d think they might and I’m yet to see a kid being fished out the Canal! 
Littlestone Beach: 

The thing we like about Littlestone beach is the fact that dogs are allowed, when the tide is out there is plenty of sand space to play on, it’s barely ever busy, it is right by the lifeboat station and has a cute little play park next to it. 

We usually park in the lay by on the main road but it can be tricky to get a space as it is also where the residents in the flats park. My Nan and Grandad lived by the lifeboat station when we were growing up and we spent most weekends on the beach and I can honestly say we never got bored. We love the fact the next generation are still able to enjoy it all in the same way. During the Summer, the life boat station holds a funday with all the emergency services where kids can dress up and sit in all the emergency service vehicles and watch demonstrations. This year 


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